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Igor Morski Madonna

Via a comment over on [livejournal.com profile] croneitude's LJ I've discovered the artwork of contemporary Polish surrealist Igor Morski. He was born the same year I was. His stuff is whimsical, weird, and often disturbing. He works with photos a lot, heightening the effects that, for example, Magritte got with super-realistic depictions of unreal things. It also gives his stuff a very commercial look that sometimes seems trite. But there be demons in those frames ...
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Caspar David Friendrich, View of Arkona at Moonrise

As I've said before, Friedrich is such a goth! One of the interesting things about him is that he apparently never, or at least rarely, gave his paintings titles, so all the titles you see for his works were given by other people and tend to be descriptive rather than allusive. I've seen this one also called "View of Arkona with Rising Moon and Nets," "Cape Arkona," and "Moonrise on an Empty Shore" (which is probably the most poetic of any of these).
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Caspar David Friedrich is such a Goth!
(Garden Arbour in Moonlight (formerly Memorial Picture for Johann Emanuel Bremer, 1820s)
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Moebius from Quatre-vingt huiT
Moebius, from Quatre-vingt huiT

(Via quenched consciousness.)
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Moebius Blueberry The O.K. Corral
Moebius, Cover painting for Blueberry: The O.K. Corral, 2003

Via Quenched Consciouness.
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moebius from 40 days in the desert

Moebius, from "40 Days in the Desert"
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The Most Dangerous Game
The Most Dangerous Game (1932)

(Via DVDBeaver.)
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Anne of the Indies
Aftermath of the London in 2014 party at Westercon 65
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anne of the indies
Anne of the Indies (1951)
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Poppy bees

Honeybees in a poppy

[Previously posted to Facebook, but this is cropped differently.]
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Desert Fury (1947)
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Desert Fury (1947)
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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)


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