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Congratulations to Felix "the King" Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners, who yesterday set the all-time record for most MLB strikeouts by a Venezuelan-born pitcher, surpassing Johan Santana. If you didn't know anybody was tracking such a statistic, you're not alone.
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2015 Rose Bowl T Dubs

I try not to post much about sports here, but this once I'll try to compensate by tying this to social commentary. This is University of Oregon linebacker Tony Washington recovering a fumble by Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston. Washington returned the fumble for a touchdown that really blew the game open for the Ducks, who went on to win 59-20 and earn a place in the national championship game. Winston's fumble was comical, at least if you aren't an FSU fan, and the internet had a field day with it. (I particularly recommend scrolling down to the video that plugs in pro wrestler Randy Orton as an explanation for both Winston's and a nearby referee's falls.)

After the game several UO players chanted "No Means No," in an apparent jab at Winston, who was absolved of rape charges under circumstances that a lot of people found suspicious. That's a pretty edgy thing to do, and UO coach Mark Helfrich said the players would be disciplined. Meanwhile I'm trying to decide whether it's a sign of a sea change that football players would be taunting an opposition player with such a progressive sexual message.

Weird old world. Go Ducks!
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Mariota Heisman

As a long time fan of the University of Oregon Ducks football team, I'm of course very pleased indeed by Marcus Mariota's Heisman trophy, but I'm also really happy to see the love for his home state, Hawaii. No doubt this was the first time anyone accepted the Heisman while wearing a boatload of leis. Mahalo, Marcus!

New year

Jan. 3rd, 2012 09:17 am
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The year has gotten off to a good start with the University of Oregon's first Rose Bowl victory since 1917. Take that, Cubs fans! I watched the game with Andy and Carrie, who were rooting for Wisconsin, but I think Chunga has survived the conflict.

Oh yeah, and I'm really happy with the new issue of Chunga too. It is dispersing into the world even now. We're going to try to publish the next issue for Corflu in April. Loccers take note!
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Yesterday was largely spent working on Chunga. We're getting very close to going to press. The three of us met yesterday to wrangle out the last decisions. Now it's just a matter of attending to details (proofreading, wee bits of text, scanning book covers, etc) and finalizing the design.

After the meeting we hied to Andy's house to watch the Oregon-USC game, drink beer, and eat pizza. USC blew up Oregon's dream of returning to the national championship game, but it was an exciting game that came down to the final play. I'll be happy enough if the Ducks make it to the Rose Bowl, especially if they can finally win the damn thing.

Today is more work on Chunga and then raking leaves and checking to see if the gutters need to be cleared. There will probably be more football and hopefully a movie too. I have Alan Rudolph's Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle in the queue.
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The Duckies lose to Auburn 22-19. A disappointing end to an amazing season. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.
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Repel them! Repel them!
Force them to relenquish the ball!

Numero Uno

Oct. 18th, 2010 08:08 am
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The University of Oregon football team is ranked number 1 in the nation in the AP poll for the first time in the history of the entire universe. They quite possibly don't deserve it (the BCS poll still has them ranked 2nd), and it likely won't last, but it still makes me stupidly happy. Interesting factlet from the article: only 43 different schools have been ranked number 1 in the AP poll since it started in 1936.
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I went to the Mariners game at Safeco last night with Andy and Carrie. The Mariners are epically awful this season, but it was a lovely night, King Felix was pitching, and hey, they even won the game 2-0 over the Athletics. Woohoo!

However, the reason I really wanted to make it down to Safeco this year was to buy a shirt. The Mariners have an Australian pitcher named Ryan Rowland-Smith. His nickname is The Hyphen, because he's the first Major League Baseball player with a hyphenated name, or so the story goes. So this year they have a shirt that prominently features a hyphen on the front. How many sports shirts do you know of that are a purely typographical design? Just because Rowland-Smith is, like his team, having an epically awful season and has been put on the disabled list just so his battered psyche and statistics don't have to suffer another shelling every five games is no reason not to wear such a shirt with pride. I've been faunching for one ever since I first heard about it on the teevee.

I was planning to have my picture taken at the stadium with the shirt on, but when I got there I discovered that the batteries in the camera were dead. Amazingly, in that huge mall disguised as a stadium there is apparently nowhere to buy batteries. So here's a picture from an online store instead. However, my shirt is actually white with a Mariners-blue hyphen. I like these colors better, dang it, and now I want this shirt instead. Aside from that, I must say that it actually looks more like an em-dash than a hyphen.

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The Ohio State University beats the University of Oregon in the Rose Bowl. Well, what can I say but happy fucking New Year.


Dec. 4th, 2009 08:13 am
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So the University of Oregon beat Oregon State University in the Civil War for the Roses, coming from nine points behind in the third quarter to win a seesaw battle, 37-33. I was a nervous wreck by the end of a far too excellent football game. Now the Ducks go to the Rose Bowl to play Ohio State University (I'm sorry, *the* Ohio State University) on New Years Day. The Duckies last appeared in a Rose Bowl in 1995, but they haven't won one since 1917. That's coming up on a century ago. It's about time, eh?
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I think I'm done in the garden until spring. Yesterday I transplanted a lavender bush and two clumps of day lilies, and I raked pretty much the last of the leaves from the trees on our property and the neighbor's. Might still get some leaves from the big maple across the street, but other than that, I've done everything that was on my autumn gardening list.

The University of Oregon football team managed to eke out a come-from-behind double-overtime 44-41 win over Arizona last night, setting up a Civil War game with Oregon State two weeks from now that will determine which team goes to the Rose Bowl. OSU last went to the Rose Bowl in 1965, while the Duckies last went in 1995. There will be a lot of trash talking at Thanksgiving!

I actually missed the end of the Arizona game because Scott and carl came over for another beer session. I was already pretty trashed from drinking during the game and an earlier visit to the Big Time for a taste of the Malaprop 8 (a Belgian abbey-style ale) and Jeezum Crow (an India brown ale), but I still managed to enjoy the Panil Barriquée, an oak-aged sour red ale that was bottled in 2006. Awesome beer, which I thought was Danish but turns out to be Italian.

Think I'll head down to Rain City Video to see what kind of old gothic film I can find for this rainy Sunday. Maybe I'll read some more of Lord Dunsany's collected short stories, too.
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1) Haven't gotten much done this weekend. The main productive thing I've done is some work in the yard. There's a fair amount of autumnal clean-up work to do, and I've busted more sod in the front yard. The goal, still, is to plant a bee-friendly garden out front, although at this point I'm using up a lot of the new bed space transplanting things that have been overgrown by sprawling plants in other parts of the garden.

2) I've been reading the introduction to my copy of The Tempest, which is an Oxford University Press edition. Great stuff, and it's helping me understand the play better. "Cannibalism, Utopia, and free love reappear throughout the century as defining elements of New-World societies." Shades of Stranger in a Strange Land!

3) The University of Oregon football team beat USC 47-20 yesterday. I can't even begin to express what a huge game that was. I've been a University of Oregon fan since I was a kid, so I've been watching the Duckies lose to the Trojans for four decades. I've seen them win a few too, but I've never before seen them completely trounce the Trojans, who amongst other things have been the Pac-10 champions for seven straight years and national champions twice in that same period.

4) It's been a beautiful, sunny weekend, so I think it's time to swing by the Sunday Market for tacos and then find a place to read more of the intro to The Tempest.
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Redwood City, CA -- EA Sports announced today the release of NCAA Rampage 2009, a new cross-over video game that allows players to guide college football athletes as they fight, drink, and womanize their way to earning millions in the NFL.

The game stars Oregon Duck's running back LeGarrette Blount, whom players direct on a series of adventures wherein they fight other football players, fans, frat boys, and pro wrestlers, while fathering illegitimate children and collecting DUIs.
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Saw this roller derby movie -- Drew Barrymore's directorial debut -- with [livejournal.com profile] holyoutlaw last night. It's a lot of fun. It's a combination sports movie and coming of age story. It's perhaps a bit ramshackle, with a few extraneous scenes, but it still moves along and hits all the right grace notes. Nothing particularly new or innovative, and its biggest asset is probably its sense of humor. It's fun, it's feelgood, it's feeling. I even shed a couple of tears in the tear-jerking sequences.

This works as a good ad for roller derby, too. It explains the scoring system right up front, and peppers the dialogue with the terminology. I imagine it will create some new fans. Squarely aimed at young women, but I was sitting next to another guy who was maybe my age who was there with his girlfriend, and he loved it too. "It's really cute," he kept saying. "The jokes are good." I didn't even mind his little comments. Back behind us was a crew of young women who chatted up a storm all the way through the trailers and after the movie were comparing their bruises (Luke said). Maybe a local roller derby team? There was good energy in the house. Positive vibrations.

Really good cast, too, and Juliette Lewis seemed to be enjoying herself way too much playing the sort-of mean-girl bad-ass.

I suppose my random comment would be that as far as slightly ramshackle feelgood comedies-with-a-heart go, this is comparable to Ang Lee's recent Taking Woodstock, except without the wistful nostalgic feeling. I think Whip It actually made me feel happier, although I couldn't tell you why. Perhaps I was just a victim of circumstance.
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The Duckies finally put all the pieces together today and dominated 6-ranked Cal on both sides of the ball. Made mowing the lawn after the game light work.


Sep. 20th, 2009 08:14 am
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Thanks to all for the birthday wishes. I had a very nice day, which began once again with breakfast at Roxy's.

I managed to find time before the big game to watch Mothra (Mosura, 1961), which it turns out I had somehow never seen as a kid. What a sweet monster movie! Shades of Miyazaki in that Mothra is a kind of nature god protecting the noble savages from the greedy exploitation of civilized humans. I was amused to see that Mothra's mysterious island home may be somewhere in the "Carolinas" (according to the subtitles) -- that is, the Caroline Islands, which is a chain in Micronesia that includes Yap. Radiation is once again a force to be reckoned with, although it's unclear what effect it has actually had on the island, which was an atomic weapon test site. Unlike Godzilla, Mothra does not seem to be a product of the radiation. The songs sung by the Peanuts are great. Is there a soundtrack? Anyway, very reminiscent of King Kong in a lot of ways, including the brownface natives (referred to as Polynesians in the subtitles) doing goofy faux-ritual dances. Also, evil Americans! (Although called Rosilicans or Ruritanians or something like that.) Great kid-movie fantasy fun, with Toho's typically awesome miniature work.

After that was the UO-Utah game, which was once again nerve-wracking, but ended up well largely thanks to great defensive play. Good win for the Ducks against a ranked team, but the tough games continue next week with 8th-ranked California.

As if that wasn't enough of a birthday present, I then discovered that Steve Stiles had e-mailed the cover arwork for the next issue of Chunga. He claimed he didn't know it was my birthday, so that was some pretty good synchronicity right there. The issue is slowly taking shape, and I'm meeting with the boys later today.

To cap the day off, Scott K and carl braved the Fremont Oktoberfest traffic and brought some of Scott's private reserve of beer over. We started with a bottle of Snoqualmie Brewery's grand cru, Spring Fever, which I had been aging only since the spring. Still seems like a disappointing vintage compared to past batches. After that was a terrific "Belgian wild ale" called It's Alive! by a brewer named Mikkeller, who apparently travels around the world brewing in different places every year. Amazing stuff, slightly sour, similar to the grand cru but much more complex. Then a bottle of Survival 7-Grain Stout by the Hopworks Urban Brewery of Portland. The seven grains are barley, wheat, oats, amaranth, quinoa (?), spelt, and kamut (?). Nice stuff, and a nice break (at only 5.3% ABV) between big beers. The next was another completely amazing beer, the Consecration from Russian River Brewing Company -- "ale aged in oak barrels with currants added". Extremely sour, and reminding me that very sour beers often taste salty to me for some reason. The oak and currants were very subtle aftertastes. This one and the Mikkeller were definitely the brilliant high points of the evening. To finish off what brain cells we had left, I pulled out a bottle of the 2007 Old Wooly barleywine from the Big Time Brewing Company. Two years of aging have definitely smoothed it out, although I may have to leave the other bottle of 2007 for another two years.

So an excellent day all around, with many good gifts. 49 is off to a good start.
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Yesterday Seattle Mariners outfielder Ichiro Suzuki became the first Major League Baseball player to get 200 hits in nine consecutive seasons. Wee Willie Keeler had done it in eight consecutive seasons ending in 1901 -- a record that lasted for over a hundred years. Pete Rose holds the record for most seasons with 200 hits -- ten -- but they weren't consecutive. Ichiro could tie that record next year. The only other player to have nine 200-hit seasons (also not consecutive) was Ty Cobb. This is some pretty elite company that Ichiro is joining.

Earlier in the week Ichiro got his 2000th MLB hit. He had 1278 hits during his early career in Japan. He'll turn 36 in October, so I'm not sure how much longer he'll play, but if he could manage five more years of 200-hits per season (unlikely, but maybe on average), he could get to 3000 in the MLB. He'll never get to Pete Rose's record for total hits in the MLB (4,256), although he could very well get there if his hits in the Japanese league are included.

Most eyes in this country have been on Derek Jeter surpassing Lou Gehrig's record for most hits as a Yankee, but baseball fans in Seattle and Japan have had their eyes on Ichiro. He is a unique talent. It has been a privilege to watch him play the game.


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